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Frau am See

in the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut is a region of diverse landscapes, characterised by its intriguing past. Over several generations, salt mining lent a unique dynamic to this region of mountains and lakes. Independent professions, which organised themselves and worked together within the salt industry, established an equally unique sense of identity among the people. Communal life was, to a large extent, organised around salt production, and over the course of several centuries this shaped the appearance of the location and the Baukultur, i.e. the production of the built environment, of the Salzkammergut communities. Ultimately, the fact that this important economic component is inextricably linked to the beauty and unique appeal of this landscape is precisely what defines the character of this region, in all its diversity. It is not without reason that the region surrounding the Dachstein has been designated by UNESCO as both a Cultural and a Natural World Heritage Site.
We invite you to discover a piece of this ever-changing diversity.


"Salzkammerguad, dir kimmt ned boi was glei."

(Salzkammergut, there’s noting else like you)


Discovering culture

Culture is a broad term, especially in the Salzkammergut, where it consists of colourful and diversely interwoven traditions. Here, the varied selection of cultural attractions range from Gmunden am Traunsee to the former imperial residence of Bad Ischl, and the world famous pilgrimage sites of St. Wolfgang and Hallstatt, not to mention the Ausseerland with its unique view of the Dachstein Mountain. The tradition of the operetta can be experienced alongside the rich array of different expressions of folk music and traditional costume. With Gothic and Baroque works of altar art, historic sites, the special architecture of the villas, and the unique construction style of the farm houses, the history of the region remains tangible even in the present. Those who set out to explore this region will come to understand just why it lives up to its claim of cultural diversity, discovering the commonalities that bring the region together and the differences that set the various areas apart. And all of this nestled within a landscape of mountains and lakes.


Sport and leisure activities in the Salzkammergut are always a scenic experience. It is really quite something when these two worlds collide of their own accord.

must be

Alexander von Humboldt


at the heart of the Salzkammergut


...Mountains, Lakes, Traditions

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